Monday, September 3, 2012

A is for Amy who I pushed down the stairs

Oh how I could make this title come true. There is a Amy in my life that I want to push down the stairs.

Shes the kind of girl that lures you in and then screws you over. Sadly I feel for her little act more than once and I hate myself for it.

She has everyone fooled and she gets away with so much crap. I could tell you all her dark little secrets but I'm honestly a much better person than that. One day she will get whats coming to her and when she dose I really hope it is an ordeal that she dose not survive.

At one point in time i was in a relationship with this girl. Well she cheated on me and didn't even have the guts to tell me or the guy she was with. She just started dating him and when I found out she acted as if we had never been together but oh how she loves to brag about having me as a gf. Yeah I know I'm amazing.

Sadly this is not where that story ends. See the guy she left me for had a best friend. She cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend and then left her boyfriend for the best friend. Though now she is with neither of them. Maybe it's for the best because boyfriend number one swore he was a werewolf and there was an 80% chance he would shift on a full moon and the other would constantly go on and on about being a century's old vampire. He even brought it up in fights, telling people he's had to deal with depression and such for hundreds of years. It was horrible.

Now shes with a kid that looks like he's 12 and a meth head. This poor girl will never learn and with the way she treats me I hope she gets all the hell life has to offer.

No I am not a mean person for bashing this girl. I am a hurt one. She has stolen from me, lies to me, bashed me (tried to fight me) and has even tried stealing my husband. She is no ones friend. -sigh-

It kind of felt good to get all of that out but trust me there is so much more I could say on the subject of Amy and perhaps in another post I will. I can tell you about how I beat the crap out of her and how she lied to everyone even though she was covered in bruises.

Until next time!


  1. Ugh I hate people like that. She's probably just trying to be with whoever will give her money and put a roof over her head. And moving on when she gets bored.

  2. Haha as if she could get a guy like that. Mr.Vampire and Mr. werewolf lived with their parents and for a wile lived with her in my parents house. Amy still lives there and pays no rent, buys no food, nothing. And the guy she is with now looks like he should still be in high school and has no car and as far as I know no job. The only money she gets is from donating plasma every other day and then she spends the money the same day on stupid shit.

    1. Wow, THAT'S healthy and smart. I hope they check the blood for STD's and shit before they use it.