Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pi Zeta Mine?

Well Brian is out of the house and while Iw ould love to say he moved on to a better place with our help it is far from that.

He left before Christmas after promising to be there since he was not there for thanksgiving and he was supposed to return on the 4th. Well that did not happen. He called after Christmas and told me that he was going to move in with his mom. The same mom that he spent his time here saying how he hated her and she treated him like crap. He is also moving back to a city that is pure filth. The town he BEGGED us to keep him out of.

This would not be so bad if not for the horrible text messages he sent me on new years day after I sent a text saying Happy New year. He sent be back a text saying how since I did not give him a parting hug when he came to pick up his stuff that he no longer wanted to speak to him. I must admit that I sent a few,3 short hotheaded texts back and he replied with 20 or more saying the meanest things I have ever been told. He said things about me and my husband and even my kids.

Several messages were clear threats and it has left me and my husband worried for our safety because this guy is a hothead as demonstrated by the hole he punched in our wall a few days ago because he thought some guy was coming out to fight him when really it was just my daughter coming home from school.

He claims that I'm many bad words because I 'talked back' to him over text and not in person. I'm damn proud of speaking up for myself at a safe distance because while he lived in my home he started to become very verbally abusive towards me and then told me all the fights were made up in my mind and got upset that I stopped wanting to forgive him.

So he is out. I no longer consider him a friend and other than very close family I do not think I will be allowing anymore roommates in my home. I have been burned twice by living with someone else and I won't let it happen again. I wanted so badly to help him and while I'm pissed at him and glad he's gone I still can't help but be worried about him.

He's not following the path he begged us to put him on so I guess only god, jail or rehab can help him now.

I should have kicked him out long ago. Sigh. It feels good to vent and I'm glad to know that he will not see this because I am sure I would get a very badly typed reply telling me how wrong I am about all of it. Lord the posts I could type about this guy.

But I'm going to end this here and I hope that those of you who do ready my posts had a happy new year and a Merry Christmas!