Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I have now entered the 21st century and have REAL internet. No more stupid dialup or having to squint to see things on my phone. I feel like a real person now haha.

Dont really have much else to say at the moment except YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Well I meant to do this post a long while back but Blogger on my phone did not want to let me so I've had these photos sitting here in a draft for a long while and now that I have managed to get onto Blogger on my computer I'm going to edit and get this post out!

^^^^ This is a photo of what was left of our garden after a freak rain/hale storm. We lost a lot but a lot came back int he end

^^^ Everything was super flooded

^^ the girls decided to wrap stickers around their fingers. They had a blast


^^ first time ever home alone without my kids and I caught myself on fire trying to make some cold coffee haha. it was a horrid burn

^^ My cute girls and puppys!

Pi Zeta Not Mine

I feel like I'm living in a frat house. My home has seemingly become one ever since a friend moved in. I would boot him out but he has no where to go and I love him to bits. Even still it's stressful and at times I feel as if my home is no longer my own.

It's been taken over by a loud, goofy pot head who stays up allllll night and drinks coffee 24/7 and then complains about being tired all the time. His view on things are never wrong, even when it comes to what women want. Apparently the fact that I am female dose not count. He wears too much guy smell good stuff and his antics are just insane.

I just wish he would grow up. Sure he's getting there but not anywhere near fast enough. I really should call him Flip-Flop because that's what he dose. He tells me he wants me to help him and we set up a plan but when it comes time to put that plan into action he puts me down and claims I'm trying to control him. It's frustrating and has led to two rather big fights.

My husband has said it's up to me weather he stays and while sometimes I just want him out I know that if I tell him to get out he will end up back in jail or dead.

I'm not sure how to really help him anymore. He says he can do it on his own but I don't see it. He's still doing drugs and spending him money on dumb shit and just dose not seem to care.

I know i'm painting him in kind of a bad light here but he's not all bad. My daughters love him and he keeps my home really clean. he's just totally different from my husband. It makes me love my hubby all the more.

Well i do feel better getting that all out. I just wish I knew how to help him without him blowing up on me when I try. He makes small progress but not what he needs to be making at his age.


Till next time