Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ready to hit someone

I have nowhere else to vent without causing major drama so I am going to do it here.

My brother is about to get his ass kicked.

My dad, after dropping off my mom at the bus station to go help my friend Amy through her labor went straight to the ER where he was admitted and the next day he had surgery to remove a kidney stone. The stone they got out was 4mm which is huge!

My brother got mad at my dad because he did not drive all the way home to let my brother drive him to the er. my dad was just blocks from the hospital and a 20 minuet drive away from home.

Since my dad drove himself the car was left up at the hospital and I worked all day trying to find my brother a ride to get the car and to take some stuff my dad wanted up to the hospital only to find out for whatever fucking reason my brother saw no reason to get the car and was basically like 'fuck you he can just stay up there until I'm not busy'

Well thankfully my husband and my father in law were nice enough to take the stuff to my dad and the next day I found myself a ride to be up with my dad when he got out of surgery. We thought my brother would stop by his room when he had to go to the hospital for something but no. he came and went. I ended up driving my dad home which was scary but I did it, all the while he's in great pain and his only hope is to go home and take some pain killers he has.

He gets home only to be told that my brother 1 year old apparently got up in the morning while my brother was sleeping, got my dads pills off his desk, opened the child proof lock and then dumped all of them int he toilet. It's total crap and my brother has been in trouble for stealing his pills in the past and he had the balls to pass it off on his kid. That little girl would have put them in her mouth, not that she could have gotten the cap off.

Well Derek had to work today and i had him take my dad the money he needed to get the script that the hospital gave him filled and I call a while ago to find out that my brother took the car to work and left the van with no gas so my dad will have to wait till Monday to get his medication.

He is in so much pain he is crying. I was the only child willing to do anything to help and I don't know why my brother is being this way. He stole his pills and then prevented him from getting more. Family comes first, i don't care if you have to be a few minuets late you don't leave your father in that kind of pain!

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  1. Your brother needs to be kicked out of the house and cut off until he finds some sort of maturity. Not only that, but he should be locked up in rehab. Or Catholic school. I specifically say that because I hear the nuns smack people with rulers. Maybe military boot camp. Something to get his sorry selfish ass in line. I'd like to talk to him but I don't think you want me to make him cry, which I would.