Thursday, June 26, 2014

Men should have to suffer too!

So a few days ago I went in to get my birth control replaced and while the one I'm getting and currently have works I think next time I will face my fears and get a different kind. Pills are out for me which is why I got the Implanon. It's a great form of birth control but my experience in the process of taking it out may have just scared me away from it.

So first they have to numb you up and then cut into your arm. I didn't feel any of the cutting which was great but it took half an hour and THREE doctors before they were able to pull the thing out. It was a very disturbing experience with all the pulling and people all around me. They did finally get it out and they put in a newer shorter one which tool only a few seconds to put in but the whole taking it out thing was pretty scary.

Men are lucky. they don't have to get pap smears and all that stuff. they only have two forms of birth control and we all know condoms don't always work and the other form means no kids ever. Men should have to get birth control. They need to come up with some form of it so that us women do not have to be the only ones worrying about it.

It's just crazy the things that we have to do as apposed to men. I think the playing field needs to be evened out a bit haha

Well that's all for now!

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  1. We may have to have somebody look in our vaginas and have our boobs squished, but they have to have a hand go up their ass to check their prostate. No form is 100% affective though. Pills run the same risk as condoms, a 6 in 100 chance according to my doctor. The Mirena that I'm on is supposed to be a 1 in 100. I've even heard of people having kids after having the snip snip or their tubes tied. It's crazy.

    But I completely agree. If men had long term birth control like women have, with little pieces of hormonal plastic, then I think accidental pregnancy would he severely decreased.