Thursday, November 22, 2012

Anti-Bullying Week

I only recently learned about this very special week and while I am
doing this post up for a friend I do know what it feels like to be
bullied and I know that this can come in many forms.

I have been bullied by family,friends and even total strangers and all
of it hurts. If you would not want it done to yourself then do not do
it to others.

I guess the easiest thing to do is to list examples of times and
people who have bullied me.

Kids in high school - This may seem like the big thing that everyone
talks about but it is where the bulk of this hurt goes down. I have
been through a lot in my life and at one point I had started cutting
myself. People told me I was just doing it to get noticed or they told
me how stupid I was for doing it. I knew it was stupid and I know that
now but in all honesty it dose not change a thing. I see an the news
how even in death Amanda Todd is bullied and I know just how she felt.
Sure things did not get as bad for me but they could have. High school
was pretty much hell for me. I eventually just stopped going to school
and though I am in school now I have yet to graduate.

Mother in law - This is a form of bullying that is still going on and
though I know she will not see it that way I do. The name calling, the
disrespect, the petty remarks, it's all bullying! If someone makes you
feel like crap every day they are being a bully.

Brothers and sisters- Now I have to say upfront that things with my
siblings are good at the moment and I love them to death but there has
been times where things have gotten bad. The hateful things my
siblings said about me at times had my parents wanting nothing to do
with me. Siblings fight yes but I still think of it as a form of

Strangers- People call me fat, call me a bad mother, call me all sorts
of names for the way I look. So I have piercings, tattoos and love to
dye my hair wild colors. That dose not give every person on the street
the right to call me out on it. One remark can easily destroy a
person. Lucky for me they did not but it dose still hurt when I see
the disgusted looks people give me.

I feel all my examples are lame but I know that somewhere out there
there is someone that has gone through the same thing or worse and
talking about it is really the only way to take a stand.

Watch what you say out there. Do not type things you will regret when
others see it. I know that I need to take more of my own advice
because I rant about people I don't like on here all the time. There
is a time and a place. Everyone makes mistakes but it's what we do or
don't do about it. Not sure that made sense but I am about to fall
into a food coma after everything I ate today.

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  1. I know it was a lot to ask for you to write this post but I really do appreciate it. Your post could help so many people, even just one would be worth it in my opinion. Thank you!