Monday, July 9, 2012

Would you nurse a child that was not your own?

I was surfing the web today when I came across an article that really made me think. Would you breastfeed a child that was not your own? I have to say that I would. Now I am not saying I am going to go around feeding other women's babies but if put in the situation Maria Kristensen was put in I know that I would do just as she did. She found this child in a bag on the side of the road. It was clear to her that the baby had been delivered that day, blood still on her head and the umbilical cord still attached. I have to say that the thought of someone leaving a child on the side of the road hurts. I  am sure the mother had her reasons and seeing as this happened in Denmark even more so but still, how could someone just do that to their child?

Where I read the story

I praise Maria for what she did. She was brave to not only make the cab she was in turn back but to take the child with her and do what she could to save the child.

So I guess we go back my question. Would you nurse a child that was not your own? Even if the situation were not like the one Maria face? Let me know and please check out the story.

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  1. If I saw a baby who was abandoned like that, I would do everything in my ability to keep him/her alive. Now, off to read the story.