Friday, May 11, 2012

Yeah I suck

I'm such a bad blogger, I really am. I never remember to post and I never know what to post about. My life is also boring haha It really is.

Let's see what I can find to write about....

Today I cleaned my living room, well rearranged it it more like it. I've also been working on shampooing the carpet but it's a slow process.

I worked on some laundry as well and once my husband got home from work I went to Wallmart to get things for my youngest's birthday party tomorrow. I still have things I need to get but I plan to get the rest tomorrow before the party.

I still can't believe she's one and I'm still surprised that I am breastfeeding her and the thought of stopping anytime soon stresses me out though I know I will not go past two years with her. I just want her to wean on her own and not force it. 

Any who I guess that's all for now. I'm going to go chug the rest of my red bull and try to find someway to entertain myself. Sadly I think that will include going home and working on my house some more. YAYYYYY>........


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  1. You could've texted me; I would have entertained you! haha I still can't believe she's one either. It seems like yesterday that you were telling me you were pregnant!