Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First post!

I hate blogging. The only real reason I'm doing this is because a girl who I kind of consider my only and best friend said I should. I love to write but when faced with the challenge of actually having to do so when others can see has always been a big challenge for me. I think I care too much about what people will think or say when I know I shouldn't. 

So here I go. A blog about whatever pops into my head first and as suggested by said friend I will start off by telling you guys how my darling 11 month old baby girl woke me up this morning 

I guess it was really my husband calling me on break that first woke me up but it was Sarah who really made me wake up with a smile. 

She has this thing where she loves to get into your face and all the wile I'm talking on the phone she keeps stuffing her face in front of mine, the biggest grin showing off her 4 beautiful teeth. 

She giggles every time I tell her to stop and just keeps getting closer until I'm sure she's going to try to eat my nose. 

Thankfully my nose is safe but for some reason my little angle is obsessed with my armpits so out of nowhere she gives this laugh/battle cry and dives in, causing us both to laugh with the way I freaked out. 

It was a good start to the morning, one that actually happens often and I am grateful for it.

Well that's all for now i guess. 

Until next time


  1. Pfft. And you said it would be boring. I laughed!

    I expect another post by Wednesday! =3

  2. Great start!!! I don't have any kids, but I know that they can give you a lot to write about.

    Rachel, seems a lot like my friend Brett, he forced me to start writing again just like your friend so hopefully something good can come from both of us writing...

    Look forward to reading more.

  3. It's officially Friday and I haven't seen a second post yet.

    Now you can't say you don't have a topic, because I'm tagging you in a little game! Check out my last post to see it. (Hint hint: GO WRITE A BLOG POST.)