Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink eye :(

This totally sucks. Sarah, my youngest daughter has given me Pink Eye. I don't think she has it though I got it because her eyes are all gunked up. It always seems to happen to her after she is getting over being sick. I really hope she dose not get it because if she dose then she will have it in both eyes and right now I am desperately trying to prevent that from happening to myself.

Sleeping last night was hard. I never knew there were so many muscles in your eye. If I laid wrong or moved wrong it felt like I was pulling my eye out of it's socket and then when I finally made myself get up around 5am my eye was sealed shut and it took a wile to get it open.

Having no way to pay for or go see a doctor I am left to using OTC and at home remedies. I have some eye drops but they only help for a few minuets. So for I think what seems to be helping the most if Breast milk. Yes I know it may sound very strange but it seems to be helping some. My eye dose look worse today but after cleaning my eye with my milk as well as expressing it and pouring it into my eye I do not seem to be producing as much gunk which seems to be a good thing. It also helps with the pain.

I hope that after a few days it will start to clear up. I am also taking allergy pills since my father thinks that's part of what caused my pink eye. I hope it goes away before this weekend. I have so many things to do, though that will be for another post.

If anyone out there has any good at home fixes for Pinkeye please direct them my way. I heard tea bags can help but I'm not sure which kind I can use or is any kind will help. Right now my biggest problem is the swelling. My eye is nearly closed is so swollen. But yest, here's an update on me haha


(( later I will post a pic of my eye. It's still early morning and dark out and since everyone is sleeping I cant get a good one haha))



  1. Okay, um, ew! Not only the pink eye but also the breastmilk part. That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard and I'm happy it's helping, but still, ewww. haha

    I don't have any remedies for you though. =/ I've never had it. My mom thought I had it once and had me lay down with a cold compress while I was eating gummy bears. Turns out I just got so over tired my eyes were red and pink. But none of that is helpful so I'm sorry. =/

  2. I know that to a lot of people the whole breastmilk thing is strange but I personally have been learning all the amazing uses it has. Did you know that it can help to cure cancer? It can clear up ear infections, diaper rash, a whole slew of illnesses. I will say though that this is the first time I have used to for anything other than feeding my daughter but it amazing how well it is actually working.

    1. I've never heard of any of that. I mean, it makes sense for most of it, but it's still really strange to me. haha I'm just happy it's working for you.